How to 10X Your Community Engagement On Autopilot

In today’s Letter, we’re going to share a simple but powerful system to help you 10x your community engagement (and save you 20+ hours of work per week).

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Future time saved: 10+ hours/week

Building a thriving community business is hard.
You need to make sure all your members feel welcome and appreciated, find ways to keep them engaged, and help them connect and build relationships with other like-minded members–all while running and trying to grow the business.
That’s why having well-oiled systems for doing all these things is crucial.
So in today’s Letter, we’re going to share a simple but powerful system to help you 10x your community engagement (and save you 20+ hours of work per week).

But first, a quick story…

One of the first projects I took on when I joined the Ship 30 team was streamlining our process for assigning an Accountability Partner to every participant of our cohort-based course (which was extremely manual at the time).
But after trying more than three different solutions, we still had several issues:
  1. Many of our students were being ghosted by their assigned accountability partners (we mistakenly assumed everyone would want to get a partner).
  1. Our most engaged members usually wanted to get more than one match per week. But if they missed the “opt-in” window, they had to wait a whole week to be able to opt-in again.
  1. And none of the solutions we tried were 100% automated.
That’s when we decided to build our own solution.

The Rapid-Fire Intros system

To fix these issues, we did three things:
  • First, we stopped assigning everyone an accountability partner by default.
  • Then, we created an automated opt-in match-making system that introduces two students who are eager to connect via DMs.
  • Lastly, we made it super easy for students to opt-in—they just have to leave a comment under a pinned post in our Circle community. And as soon as a second person opts-in, our automated system makes the match and sends them a group DM introducing them to each other.
Now, students can easily connect with other members and they’re more likely to remain engaged throughout the cohort (without us having to spend 20+ hours/week making intros manually).
And if you’re wondering if this really works, here are our stats from the past 3 weeks…
notion image

Ready to 10x your community engagement on autopilot?

You only need three tools to run your own Rapid-Fire Intros system:
  • A community platform
  • Airtable (to match up your students)
  • Zapier (the digital glue that connects your community platform and Airtable)
And if you're asking yourself, “but what if I don’t use Circle?!”
No worries, you can implement this idea with any community platform!
How would that work?
Instead of members leaving a comment on a post inside your Circle community, they’d fill out a quick form with their name and email address. Then, they’d get their intro via email (instead of a DM).
And that’s exactly what you will unlock with this week’s Automation Template.
All our Automation Templates come with a step-by-step checklist to help you get setup in 10 minutes or less (this one might be a little longer). But you’ll need to be on a desktop to be able to install your free copy of the template. So if you’re reading from a mobile device, make sure to bookmark this email (or the link above) so you can come back to it later!
And if you need help or have any questions, just hit reply and let us know!
Hope this was helpful.