Part One

Five Common Automation Workflow Myths Debunked

The most common problem keeping people from unlocking the power of automation is their own misconceptions about it.

This is part 1 of a 6 part series to Automation 101

Hey, future leveraged creator 👋… Mike and Daniel here
In talking to other ambitious, creative entrepreneurs like you, we found something interesting:
Automation's biggest problem is people's misconceptions about it.
That's why our first goal is to dispel the five most common myths about automation.
Let's dive in.

Myth #1: "You need a technical background!"

No, you don't!
Automation can be learned without a technical background (or pre-requisite knowledge). All the tools we cover in this course are called “no-code” tools which don’t require any programming experience.

Myth #2: "Automation tools are expensive!"

We used to think this way, too.
However, your perception changes when you realize how valuable your time is (we'll talk more about this in the next lesson).
The tools we share are "beginner-friendly" and their plans range from $5 to $30/per month.
Also, they offer free plans and free trials, so you’ll be able to complete the course, and build your first automation all without spending a penny.
When you're done with the course, we hope you'll see automation as an investment instead of an expense.

Myth #3: "Automation is only for large companies!"

No matter how big or small your business is, you can use automation to accomplish more with less.
At first, it might be challenging to find and identify tasks and processes to automate, and that's normal. But after going through our course, you’ll learn everything that’s possible with automation, and your head will be spinning with ideas!
In the upcoming lessons, we'll share plenty of examples (and templates) to help you get up to speed.
Also, you'll learn how to notice potential automations everywhere - both in your work and your personal life.
Here are some common automation workflows you can begin automating today:
  • Send personalized testimonial requests
  • Personalized emails sent to new leads based on the outcome of a call
  • [EXAMPLE]: Be personable: send personalized testimonial requests and e-mails to new leads based on the outcome of a call. This helps let (potential) clients know that you care and are engaged.
  • Send your invoices, receipts, and expenses to your accounting software
  • Get notified when someone mentions your products (or keep tabs on your competitors)
  • Send your customers "thank you" emails or a product they may want based on their original purchase
  • Keep regular backups of your newsletter subscribers, essential files, and documents while you sleep
The list goes on and on…

Myth #4: "I don't have the time to learn all this. I have a business to run!"

We get that!
The course helps you understand the fundamentals. By understanding how automation works and how it can transform your business (and personal life), you'll start recognizing ways to free up your time.
Then, you can hire a VA for a fraction of the cost of hiring an expert.

Myth #5: "It's cheaper (and quicker) to do it myself!"

This myth may be true for annoying tasks you only have to do once.
But with repetitive work, automating a task is always more cost-effective than doing it yourself… So why not find out if you can automate it first? Don't worry - we will give you our exact framework to determine whether something should be automated!

And that's it!

After breaking free from these wrong beliefs, you can decide whether automation is for you. Let's retake a look at the many benefits of automation:
  • Regain control over your time
  • Increase your outputs and get superior results
  • Focus on the creative, high-impact work you love
  • And get more sales, increase your revenue, and grow your business
  • While also spending more time taking care of yourself and your loved ones
Before we let you go, we'd love to hear from you.
Let us know which of these caught your attention or if we missed one!


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