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Our goal with this newsletter is to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to unlock the power and benefits of No-Code Automation.

We’re convinced that once you know how to leverage it, No-Code Automation can completely change the trajectory of your digital business, your career, and your life — it certainly did for us!

Quick story!

Mike here 👋…

In 2018, I came close to shutting down my marketing agency after working 80+ hours a week for months. But 10 months in, I managed to scale my agency to $10k/month and cut down my workweeks from 80 to 20 hours.


All out of desperation. I had to do something. That’s when learning automation saved me from burning out, and building a profitable agency.

On Daniel…

In 2020, I started working at one of the fastest-growing cohort-based courses on the internet and was struggling to keep up. But like Mike, I was able to turn the tables. And in less than 12 months, I helped the 4-person Ship 30 team deliver the program to 4,000+ students and pass 7 figures in revenue.
On the surface, our circumstances seem different. But our struggles were very similar.
And funnily enough, we both stumbled upon the same solution: No-Code Automation.
No-Code Automation helped us regain control over our time, focus on higher-leverage work, and create more space to think, rest, create, and enjoy life.
But the more we talked about our journeys with other creators and entrepreneurs, the more we realized how common the problems we’d experienced (and continue to experience in different ways) are. But most importantly, we also realized how little most people know about this “solution.”
And that’s why we decided to create this newsletter together!

100% actionable advice. Zero Fluff. Zero BS.

But enough about us, let’s talk about what YOU will unlock with every Busy to Leveraged Letter!
💡 A proven idea to automate a time-consuming business process
📦 An automation template (so you don't have to build anything yourself)
📚 And a checklist to "install" our automation template in 10 minutes or less.
All of it, for free.
Sound good?
Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy life to support us.
Much love — Mike and Daniel 💙